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Owning your story and loving yourself through the process is the bravest thing that you can ever do.



Ashley McEntire is the creator and founder of The Overcomer Ashley McEntire. This brand has many definitions and is for anyone who has overcome things in life that were meant to break them or cause them to fold. Ashley is a Minister, she has an Associates in Liberal Arts, Bachelor’s in Communication, Master’s in Leadership, and is currently a Doctoral Student.

She is dedicated to helping men and women advance; lead in life no matter what they have been through. Her ability to change lemons into lemonade has been remarkable. Ashley uses her life experiences both good and bad as her stepping stones. She has empowered, inspired, and impacted many men and women daily in her walk in the military. Ashley has continued to shine through the loss of loved ones, the loss of relationships, loss of friendships, the loss of marriage, loss of family and many other things in life. She is the person that sees the positive and provides it because of the light that shines through her. Ashley’s passion for people regardless of background has been her biggest and most noticeable love. Her accomplishments are something she shares because she believes that everyone that she has come in contact with has helped her in her journey in some way.

If you want to have someone provide a powerful, strong, and motivational speech or conversation to a desired crowd, team, children, adults, or whatever you see fit please reach out to her! She is willing and able to share the love God has given her with the world. The best is yet to COME!

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