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* Wearing a mask does not have to be boring! Add a pop of color to your day when wearing essential masks

* The Overcomer made these masks with great intention and hope she will keep you safe and healthy. Handmade high quality cotton masks, comfortable, and a reminder you are an OVERCOMER!


SKU: 0005
Excluding Sales Tax
  • * All masks are made with a triple layer 100% cotton fabric design including 1 layer of filter pocket!

    * By inserting a filter within the face mask pocket, the chances of air particles entering the fabric are greatly reduced. This way the face mask becomes more effective at filtering out unwanted particles.

    * The filter pocket is great for inserting disposable filter sheets to have added for extra protection.

    * To prevent ear discomfort The Overcomer added adjustable straps.

    * Washable, reusable, and will not shrink. More hygienic and stays in place better than wearing a scarf, bandana, or a neck wrap.

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